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Hello ^^ iya :D 안녕하세요!~
In this post, im going to hopefully help you all to learn how to read hangul ^^ This post is going to be about the consonants ~ if you haven’t already, make sure to read how to read the korean vowels by clicking here

There are quite a few consonants compared to how many vowels there are, but dont worry, you can follow a long by clicking the consonants on this website (btw~I dont own this website, copyright to its owner who is fab ;;) and listen to the letters as we go along  ^____^ 

The first consonant we are looking at is  and this looks like an L flipped over ^^ This ㄱ makes a ‘guh’ sound (a way to remember this is that ㄱ kind of looks like a gun, and gun starts with ‘g’ loool). This ‘g’ is like the ‘g’ sound in ‘g’one ^^ 

ㄴ ~the next consonant we are looking at is ‘ㄴ’ and this kind of looks like an ‘L’ in English ^^ This ㄴ makes an ‘n’ sound ~ pretty similar to the ‘n’ in 'nine’ ~ Remember to practice saying these characters, because it will help you recognize it&help for ease of pronunciation in the future ^^
Can you say ㄴ?

~ The next consonant is ㄷ and this looks slightly like a ‘c’ in english ^^ This ㄷ actually makes a ‘duh’ sound. The sound on the website is actually slightly off~it doesn’t make a duyyu sound, its a soft ‘duh’ sound, like the ‘d’ in ‘duck’ 

~ The next letter is the trickyest one of them all and it does take a lot of practice to perfect since it is not something in the English alphabet ^^ This ㄹ looks like a backwards ‘s’ and it makes a ‘rluh’ sound. It is not a ‘l’ sound and it is not a ‘r’ sound, it is somewhere in between. You cant also roll your tongue as that is incorrect (that might apply to people who have a european language as their native language ^^) ~ You mainly make the sound with your tongue rather than your mouth, it may help to listen to native speakers talk (like on a kdrama) and listen out for words such as ‘sarang’ [the ‘r’ is this ㄹ sound, so you basically, dont say sarang with a strong r ^^) ~Just keep practicing and with time, your pronunciation will be spot on! ^O^


ㅁ ~ the next letter is a square shape and it looks like this » ㅁ ~this ㅁ makes a ‘muh’ sound, which is very similar to the ‘m’ in milk (once again, the website kind of makes this a sharp ‘m’ sound ;; its not really like that unless you’re pronouncing the character on its own ^^) 

ㅂ ~ The next consonant is ㅂ (the way I remember it is it kind of looks like the drawing of a container in science or some crap like that :L) and this ㅂ makes a ‘b’ sound ^^ This ‘b’ sound isnt very harsh, but it isn’t very soft~its kind of like the ‘b’ in ‘birthday’ ^^ 

ㅅ ~ The next consonant is a ㅅ and it is pretty simple to pronounce. It makes a ‘s’ sound as in the ‘s’ in sarang or ‘snake’ ~its very similar to the english version of ‘s’ ^^ It looks like a split banana peel on the floor HAA ㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅ (remember ‘s’ for split ^^)

~ The next consonant is actually wrong on the website, so dont listen to it please ^^ it may confuse you otherwise ;A; This circle looking character makes a ‘ng’ sound, like the ‘ng’ at the end of ‘annyeong' ~ Its pretty simple right? HOWEVER remember how I said that if you pair this ㅇ consonant with a vowel, it becomes silent? (e.g. ㅇ + ㅏ = 아 = 'ah') ~Well when this ㅇ is NOT paired with a vowel, it has a sound quality, and this sound quality is 'ng'. ~~Confused? let me explain ^^ This is how we write annyeong: 안 녕 « can you see that in 2nd part (the second stack of characters) the ㅇ is squished at the bottom? This means, it isn't paired with anything, so it makes a 'ng' sound (the ng sound at the end of anyeong ^^) ~~however, if you look at the 1st part, the ㅇ is paired with the vowel ㅏ so it makes 아 which makes 'ah' (the 'ah' in an-nyeong) ~ do you see what I mean? ^O^
Can you say ng? ㅇ___ㅇ
~ The next consonant we are looking at is ‘ㅈ’ ~~and this ‘ㅈ’ makes a ‘juh’ sound, just like the ‘j’ in my name 'jessica’ ~its really simple right?!

~ The next consonant is ㅊ and it looks sosososo similar with ㅈ [juh] but instead, it has this little hat on top! The sound of ㅊ is also similar with ㅈ as it makes a ‘ch’ sound! Like the ch in charlie ^O^ Be careful not to confuse the two, as they are pretty similar :3
The next consonant is ㅋ and you might have seen this before ^^ this ㅋ makes a ‘kuh’ sound! And it is used on the internet as slang. For example, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ = HAHAHA ~~which is why you may have seen it before ^^ 
This ㅋ sounds like the ‘k’ in ‘king’ ^^ 


ㅌ is the next consonant and it suspiciously looks like an ‘E’ in english ^^ However, this ㅌ makes a ‘tuh’ sound (it is quite a hard ‘tuh’ sound ^^) ~ just like the t in television ^^ Can you say ㅌ? ㅌㅌㅌ

ㅍ « this is the next consonant and it looks like this ㅍ ^^ This ㅍ sound makes a strong ‘puh’ sound ^^ You say this with your lips rather than the back of your mouth (if that makes sense lol idk :L) ~~It is like the ㅍ in ‘pie’ ^^ 

The final consonant that we are learning is ‘ㅎ’ (it looks like ㅇ with two hats on top ^^) ~And this ㅎ makes a ‘huh’ sound, and you may see it used on the internet as slang like ㅎㅎㅎㅎ to represent someone chuckling ^^ Be careful though, as just like one ㅎ can represent like a sneer ;A; 
This ㅎ is like the ‘h’ in ‘house’ ^^ 
Now that I’ve told you all of the consonants, you need to practice them so you can remember them! it doesn’t take very long! it can take you a minimum of 30 mins!! (dont forget to practice the vowels too! ^^) ~~ a simple way of doing this is getting little bits of paper and writing the korean character on the front and the sound it makes in english on the back! Put them all into a cup or something, and pull them out. If you can write out the character the sound makes (or say the sound the character makes) Then you get it correct, so you do not place it back into the cup ^^  If you get it wrong, place the paper back into the cup and try again ^^ Once you have gotten all of the papers out of the cup, try a few more times and then test yourself by using the website I gave to you at the start (e.g. say what the character is before clicking on it ^^) ~~in no time, you’ll be a master :L image

Thanks guys for reading this post! You’re almost done at learning ALL of the hangul letters (I just need to show you a few more which I will write in another post another time ^^) ~~You should feel super proud of yourself for being able to read another language ^_______^ Good luck to everyone&please don’t repost as it takes me a long time to write this out lol ;;
If i have made any silly mistakes, dont be afraid to point them out to me on ask ^^ 
Love you all baes xx 

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